Practical support to help you gain and maintain FORS accreditation

Simple, effective support to gain and maintain bronze, silver and gold accreditation 

We've been involved in FORS since 2008.

We offer written and practical support to help you on your journey with FORS accreditation!                                  

James Tillyer

  • Helped develop member toolkits

  • Created senior auditor structure 

  • Head of FORS Auditing 2010-2015

  • Wrote V4 of the FORS Standard

  • Contributed to V5 

  • Managed FORS Governance 2015 - 2020


Davina Smythe

  • FORS Auditor since 2010

  • Helped to improve auditor standards 

  • Delivered auditor training      

  • Providing bronze, silver and gold support  


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