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Book - The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management

Book - The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management

VAT Included

Are you responsible for managing commercial vehicles? If so this book is right up your street! 


I've had the pleasure of working with David Wilson and I can tell you his wealth of knowledge hasn't been wasted here! 


David converts a lifetime’s knowledge of running commercial vehicles and helping others to run their fleets efficiently, into simple to understand guidance on the specific areas of your fleet to tackle in order to reduce your vehicle costs.

He looks at how technical developments in the last 20 years have shaped the industry today and gives expert guidance into how the future is likely to unfold, especially for alternative fuels, to help those about to purchase or replace their fleet take the right decisions, including how to fund the fleet.

The mysteries of how to plan, repair and maintain your commercial vehicles for maximum efficiency are uncovered, describing many simple tools and techniques to aid getting the specification right for your operation and the bit many people get wrong, when to replace.

There is useful advice on your fleet management software and telematics, showing how to use Key Performance Indicators to get the absolute best from your systems. He even includes advice on reducing the cost of essentials such as fuel, AdBlue and oil, not forgetting how to properly control tyre spend.

All the advice given is clearly summarised at the end of each chapter and the book, making it really easy to know what to do in order to minimise the cost of running your fleet.

This book will provide all transport operators, especially fleet managers and fleet engineers, old and new, with the knowledge and guidance to help them excel in their role.


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