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FORS Bronze: D6 Health & eyesight

FORS Bronze: D6 Health & eyesight

VAT Included

This document provides you with some of what you need to meet D6 of the FORS Bronze Standard. It includes guidance on how to use it, an introduction to FORS and what it means for the company, a review of the requirement and your commitment to meet and maintain the standards. 


It provides 10 method statements cross-referenced with the list in the requirement. It also helps to encourage a more open working environment where staff can feel more confident to raise issues in confidence. 


It's been produced as a word document, and you can add your own details to make it more personal. Please keep in mind that you may need to create risk assessments to meet the requirement in full, depending on your business and the sector that you work in. For more help with D6 give us a call; we'll give you advice and if necessary we can develop further evidence for you. 

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