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FORS Bronze: O4 Passenger safety (car, van, truck)

FORS Bronze: O4 Passenger safety (car, van, truck)

VAT Included

This document provides you with the written evidence that you need to meet O4 of the FORS Bronze standard. It includes guidance on how to use it, an introduction to FORS and what it means for the company, a review of the requirement and your commitment to meet and maintain the standards. 


Please note it is for car, van and truck operators only. A separate O4 requirement can be prepared for minibus, bus and coach operators. 


It requires you to nominate a road risk champion within the business; someone who oversees road safety. It includes procedures for the not exceeding the maximum number of passengers, getting passengers in and out of the vehicle safely, issuing safety instructions, helping vulnerable people, parking with care and dealing with emergencies.


It's been produced as a word document, and you will need to add your own details and replace the text in red. For more help with implementing or managing the requirement give us a call; we can provide you with guidance and further assistance if needed. 

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