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FORS Bronze: O6 & O7 Operational security & counter terrorism

FORS Bronze: O6 & O7 Operational security & counter terrorism

VAT Included

This document provides you with the written evidence that you need to meet O6 and O7 of the FORS Bronze standard V5. It includes guidance on how to use it, an introduction to FORS and what it means for the company, a review of the requirement and your commitment to meet and maintain the standards.


It provides you with a process designed to maximise good working practice for fleet staff and drivers, focusing on site safety and security, safety on the road, vehicle theft or hijack and counter terrorism.  Useful contact details and top tips are also included. 


To support the FORS requirement, there is a Business Continuity Plan template at the back of the document which can be filled in and used to ensure you have a plan B for the worst case scenario.


Remember that you will need to nominate a counter terrorism champion within the business; someone who oversees the safety and security of assets, staff and customers. 


It's been produced as a word document and you'll need to add your own details, replacing the text in red.


For more help with implementing or managing the requirement give us a call; we can provide you with guidance and further assistance if needed. 

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