Toolbox talk - Hazard awareness on the road

Toolbox talk - Hazard awareness on the road


This 30 minute driver toolbox talk focuses on hazard awareness on the road.

It includes an introduction, recommended timings, slide notes and a summary, and covers four key areas; What is hazard awareness? What are the hazards?What can I do to reduce the risk? What are the benefits of staying alert and driving carefully?


We've focused on helping drivers to realise that hazards come in many forms, and that the way they act can cause a hazard to become a disaster. It lists the various hazards, including in the vehicle, and provides guidance on how to minimise the risk and to improve safety. 


It's been produced as a PowerPoint presentation and can be edited to suit. There's no copyright on the content. When you buy you'll receive an email link to download the toolbox talk.