Driver training - Safe Rural Driver

Driver training - Safe Rural Driver


This is a driver training course designed to improve awareness and driving technique for working on rural roads around the UK. Subjects covered include; 

  • What is rural? An explanation of rural roads and regions 
  • Roads The UK network and key differences between A and B roads
  • Sat Nav A summary of sat navs and their uses 
  • Road signs Different styles of road sign on UK roads
  • The weather Detailed guidance, tips and exercises on driving in rain, fog, wind and snow / ice
  • Horses and their riders How to drive safely around horses 
  • Cars and motorbikes The potential danger from cars and motorbikes on high speed rural roads 
  • Slow moving vehicles Focusing on tractors and the things to consider 
  • Cyclists and pedestrians The main hazards from cyclists, walkers and runners in rural areas 
  • Animals Guidance on how to respond following a collision with an animal 
  • Summary A summary of the topics covered in the course


It's been produced as a PowerPoint presentation with 39 slides and as a 3.5 hour classroom course. It combines text and video, often in a group discussion format. 

At the back of the presentation you'll find annex 1, which is a driver certificate of attendance. Annex 2 is a lesson plan comprising objectives, seating recommendations, resources needed, timings and activities. In total there are 51 slides. 


Please note that this course is not JAUPT approved for periodic training. However, the slides can be used with your own logo and an application for Driver CPC approval could be made after that. 


When you buy you'll receive an email link to download the training material.