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Toolbox talk - Covid 19 & other viruses - Staying healthy

Toolbox talk - Covid 19 & other viruses - Staying healthy

VAT Included

This 30 minute driver toolbox talk focuses on viruses and their affects, including coronavirus. 


It includes an introduction, recommended timings, slide notes and a summary, and covers three key areas; What is a virus? What can happen if I get infected? How can I protect myself and others?


We've focused on the steps that drivers can take to protect themselves and others, and typical symptoms to watch out for. We raised the point that working performance suffers when you're not 100%, so drivers can recognise the need for more rest. 


It's been produced as a PowerPoint presentation and can be edited to suit. There's no copyright on the content and the video has been produced for the UK government. When you purchase the toolbox talk you'll receive an email link to download it. 

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