Easyfleetr Total FORS Bronze

Easyfleetr Total FORS Bronze


We offer a package to guarantee you FORS Bronze accreditation.


We start by providing a one-to-one consultation on Zoom, where we introduce you to FORS, what it means, what it can do and what's involved for bronze accreditation. 


We then visit your site to meet you and your team, assess the fleet operation and understand a little more about your company, and provide you with our tailored FORS Bronze Compendium which contains all the written documentation you need. 


We help you to plan driver training, we plan the audit and we attend the audit (remotely if social distancing requires it).


Finally we provide you with telephone and email support through the course of the year, to help with planning and implementation. 


Our fee includes all expenses and travel. 


The service is provided by James Tillyer. James has been involved in developing FORS since 2008. He was responsible for managing the FORS audit team between 2010-2014, wrote the FORS Standard Version 4 and contributed to the latest Standard (Version 5). 


Once you buy our package we'll be in touch to make the arrangements.