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Driver training - 'Look right, stay left!

Driver training - 'Look right, stay left!

VAT Included

This is a 7 hour driver training course designed for drivers delivering into the UK from abroad or drivers who are new to the UK.

It's designed to to improve awareness for driving a truck on UK roads, and includes;


  • Traffic rules and rights of way covering accident management, zebra / pelican crossings, level crossings, traffic lights, roundabouts, overtaking, traffic calming and advisory truck routes with signs
  • Awareness and other road users including cyclist and pedestrian safety in urban areas, bus and tram networks and motorbike and scooter safety
  • UK requirements and regulations focusing on regulations for foreign hauliers, the carriage of dangerous goods in the UK and cabotage activity
  • Motorways with information on speed limits, roadworks, diversions, breakdowns and motorway rules
  • Urban routes and deliveries highlighting the importance of bus lanes, cameras, red routes and yellow lines, loading and unloading, stopping, clearways and zones and safety and emissions
  • Rural (country) roads with statistics, video content and exercises to highlight safety standards
  • Road signs showing the different types of sign in the UK and what they mean
  • Bridges and speed limits focusing on the importance of avoiding bridge strikes, general bridge safety and an overview of speed limits
  • Enforcement authorities including a description of DVSA and police officers, the powers they have and the impact on your journey
  • Fines, penalties and tolls Gwith a summary of the reason for fines, the penalty imposed and the responsibility for daily payments, as well as a look at the UK road toll network
  • Summary A summary of the topics covered in the course


It's been produced as a 7 hour PowerPoint presentation with 75 content slides in a classroom format. It combines text, images and video, often in a group discussion format with group exercises.


At the back of the presentation you'll find annex 1, which is a driver certificate of attendance. Annex 2 is a recommended seating configuration, while Annex 3 is the 3 main objectives of the course. Annex 4 is a series of 20 informal driver questions designed to improve knowledge retention (and used at the summing up stage) and finally Annex 5 which is a list of resources needed to successfully deliver the course.


In total there are 87 slides.


Please note that this course is not JAUPT approved for periodic training. However, the slides can be used with your own logo and subsequent approval could be sought. When you buy you'll receive an email link to download the training material. 

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