Easyfleetr is your one-stop shop for tools and information designed to make fleet management that little bit easier 


procedures and risk assessments

Company policies, procedures and risk assessments for managing vehicles, drivers and legal compliance 

books, EBooks and webinars

Information to improve, maintain and deliver good fleet management  


Driver training courses focused on raising and maintaining safety standards 

toolbox talks

Driver toolbox talks focused on safety and efficiency


We created Easyfleetr to provide companies with a ready-made solution without the usual expense. 

A selection of policies, procedures, risk assessments, books, interactive webinars, toolbox talks and training to help you raise and maintain fleet standards. 

We're adding to the store all the time. Let us know what you want and we'll do our best to add it. 

I hope you like our tools! 

James TIllyer, Consultant, Transformotion


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Easyfleetr is a service from Transformotion. We are a small consultancy serving the logistics and transport sector. 

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