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In 2020, when the pandemic arrived & we had to lock ourselves away, many businesses lost face to face support from consultants & road transport experts. 

This got me thinking. Is there a way to provide bespoke support remotely & help transport operators to stay on track with compliance & good practice? Is it possible to move away from the traditional consultant approach? Well, that idea became reality when I launched Easyfleetr! 

How does it work?

Think of it as a hybrid consultancy. Instead of Googling for a transport consultant & paying a day rate, we deliver what you need for a fraction of the price. 


You simply tell us what you want to achieve, we suggested solutions, we agree on the product & we produce it. A general version is then made available to anyone through the shop. 

To help develop these products we lean on many years' experience; together we've created training content used in over 200 vocational schools, developed guidance to help improve operational standards, worked with drivers to create written standards they actually want & produced guidance on improving driver engagement, developing better fleet practice & implementing higher standards of safety on the road & in the yard. 

I've been involved in FORS since 2008, helping to developing member toolkits, working as Head of FORS Auditing for FTA, writing Version 4 of the FORS Standard & managing FORS Governance up to 2020. 

I continue to work on projects focused on developing professional drivers, directly contributing to the evolution of Driver CPC & establishing future skills. More recently I've worked on projects to protect driver careers when fully automated trucks & buses hit UK roads. 

Through Easyfleetr we can help you to improve driver development & retention, raise operational standards & deliver training that engages & informs.

If you have a particular request contact us at

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James Tillyer, Creator, Easyfleetr

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