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Using our products might reveal some gaps in yours...

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

As we begin to promote the store hopefully customers will understand our approach and keep coming back! But at this stage it's useful to sum up the benefits of our products, especially the documents that can help manage a fleet transport operation.

We've developed them for fleet operators who don't have written documentation or supporting processes. Perhaps they've always done things verbally, and while that might have worked in the past there's now stiff competition and their customers want (and expect) evidence that systems are documented and effective.

Without demonstrating written evidence, these companies also risk the wrath of the Traffic Commissioners. Failure to have a defect system, for example, can be a real red flag to a DVSA officer which then leads to a root and branch investigation, possibly uncovering other compliance issues.

But as well as providing valuable support to these companies, our products can also act as a benchmark for those that already have established systems in place. By cross-referencing our content and approach they'll be able to adapt their documentation to be more engaging or effective.

After all, the value of a policy, procedure or risk assessment is the effect it has on the end user, in this case the driver.

We could have been tempted to deliver chapter and verse in our products. It's a fact that clients often equate the number of words with better value. But it's not what we believe in, and you'll discover that our approach needs commitment from the driver and the company, and that we're not inclined to cram in as many words as possible; we've pared back and included the most important bits for a driver to read and understand.

So, whether you're a well established transport business or a small fleet operator looking for guidance I'm confident that you'll find our approach refreshing and engaging.



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