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Keeping it clear, keeping it simple

The world of road transport is littered with acronyms and jargon that makes it difficult for people to understand and digest. First you've got to translate what you're reading, and then you've got to make sense of it!

We're bombarded with information about this law or that post written to explain something, but it often does so in a really convoluted, woolly way. By the time you've worked out what something stands for, you've either lost the will to live or become disinterested in the rest of it.

Our watchword is simplicity. Not basic. Not overly detailed. Just clear, simple and comprehensive.

In the coming months we'll be providing more webinar opportunities to help you manage your fleet and your team. We promise not to rattle through 100 slides, and we won't ever close a webinar without time for Q and A. It's crucial that you, as our customer, can listen, understand and use the information that we provide.

We'll also be attempting to turn the world of the Transport Manager CPC qualification (goods and passenger) on its head. We're currently planning to produce our own course material and reduce the volume of words that people need to wade through, without losing the essential knowledge needed for the qualification.

It won't be a home study course. It will be tutor-led support on a one to one basis at mutually convenient times. We plan to do everything you'd expect, just in a more personal, simple way.

Look out for it over the winter period...



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