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Terrorism and Vehicles: Maximise safety to minimise risk

There's no doubt that using vehicles as a tool for terrorism is popular with groups who seek to harm people who don't subscribe to their view of the world. The risk, sadly, seems set to continue.

In response to the ongoing threat there's plenty of work being done to address security issues. UK counter terrorism measures have, in some cases, led to the introduction of tighter restrictions similiar to the US, where you can't collect a vehicle for 24 hours from the point of booking to allow background checks on the hirer. So, when you hire a commercial vehicle you'll need to account for some additional time for checks to be done.

As well as the threat of terrorist hijack there's also the potential theft of vehicles and / or goods and the safety of your staff. There are simple steps to minimise risk and limit your exposure to terrorism and theft, and things that you should consider;

  • Do you check references and the experience of drivers as part of your recruitment strategy? Remember it's not all about qualifications...

  • Do you have any security features to prevent people wandering onto your site?

  • Do you know what vehicles are scheduled to enter and leave your premises?

  • Where do you load the vehicle? Be sure you know who's watching...

  • Lock, Check, Secure. Use that mantra to ensure that vehicles, equipment, keys and portable devices are safe and in the right place

  • You may know, but what about the drivers? Make sure you share information about security, whether that's policies, procedures, equipment or risk managemen

  • Think about lone workers. Drivers often spend time away from base so make sure they have access to emergency contact numbers, a safe and secure place to sleep or rest and a pre-determined route so they know where to stop

  • Consider delivery times and the relationship between the hours of darkness and a higher risk of vehicle theft or robbery. Can you do the delivery in daylight and take a slightly smaller margin on the load?

To help you create a safer, more secure working environment we've developed a procedure that your drivers can follow to enhance security standards and reduce risk -

And if you want more detailed guidance, we have a toolbox talk on counter terrorism to inform drivers and improve their working environment -

There will always be a threat if your drivers are exposed to unnecesary risk that hasn't been thought through, and while it's impossible to eliminate risk you can at least take steps to inform, educate and prepare.

A safe working environment with a clear procedure that protects people is a fundamental part of your business, and it will help to demonstrate that you take welfare and security issues very seriously indeed.


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