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Thrilled to provide a UK first!

While the world sleeps, there's a superhero on a mission.

A mission to help feed the hungry. To help build homes for families that don’t have one. To carry people to where they need to be. To bring joy to children on Christmas morning. But this superhero doesn’t wear a cape (well, not at work anyway!). This superhero drives a truck or a bus.

The value of people who work around the clock to deliver essential supplies and services cannot be overstated. Without them the NHS would struggle, shops would remain empty, people would be housebound and homes would simply not get built.

And yet, through historical stereotype and underinvestment, professional truck and bus drivers do not get the credit or appreciation they deserve.

They struggle to find a clean, modern facility to stop and refresh. They deal with daily road rage and impatience from road users. And crucially, they often receive poor quality training because their Finance Director doesn’t see the point in spending more than the bare minimum.

So when it comes to learning, these men and women find themselves staring at a screen, watching notes being read from a slide, listening to a dinosaur deliver tales from days gone by.

Why? Surely they deserve a better experience than that?

It’s why we’ve decided to do something about it. In our own small way we want to raise the standard of Driver CPC periodic training to a level that truly reflects the importance of our road transport key workers. Our hope is that by creating a better learning experience we can challenge others to do the same, and ultimately raise the standard of Driver CPC training.

Therefore I’m delighted to announce the UK’s first and only 100% immersive Driver CPC consortium.

We’ve developed course content that’s relevant and interesting, and teamed up with leading immersive developer ANET360 to create a blended learning experience that means drivers get to use a combination of VR headsets and interactive app technology, while training providers get access to cutting edge content, software, hardware and support to deliver a unique experience.

Our first course is VR Safe Urban Driving which, from the safety of the classroom, allows drivers to experience what it’s like to ride a bicycle in urban areas with a large vehicle close by. The course give drivers the knowledge and skills needed to share the road safely with vulnerable road users (VRUs), particularly pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. There are 5 virtual reality experiences recorded in real-traffic, method card-based group activities and an interactive smartphone app for informal testing delivered as part of this 7 hour course.

We also have Interactive Safe Motorway Driving. This course covers all aspects of driving on a motorway, from joining the carriageway to travelling along it and leaving via the slip road. It includes hazard awareness, fuel efficiency, the impact of weather, continental driving and safety overnight. Group exercises include testing different road signs in the Highway Code and there are 4 virtual reality experiences and 4 drone recordings recorded in real-traffic as well as gamified group activities for further discussion.

Later this year we’ll be launching VR Safe Rural Driving, giving drivers the chance to experience what it’s like to ride a horse on country lanes with large vehicles navigating around them.

Our consortium is available to in-house training instructors, driver training companies and freelance trainers across the UK, and makes cutting edge training accessible and affordable, with the need to train just 3 drivers a month to recover the basic membership package.

If you provide training to professional truck, bus or coach drivers and you want to be one step ahead of everyone else, feel free to call us for more details. We’d love to help you bring about real change to the standard of Driver CPC training.

or call 0800 133 7110.



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