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A big welcome to Will!

I'm delighted to say that we have a new expert on hand to create your products, the #easyfleetr way!

Will's been working in the field of road transport since 2006. Having held numerous senior positions, his experience and expertise lends itself perfectly to the development of #easyfleetr.

His back catalogue is impressive, having co-owned and managed LGV / PSV driving schools, developed engaging driver training and qualified as an ADR instructor and DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor).

Using his ADR / DGSA Instructor and Certification (Core, Packages, Tanks, Classes 2-6, 8 & 9) status, Will can focus on any aspect of managing and transporting dangerous goods.

Alternatively, if you need support for ISO or Earned Recognition Will's on hand to help; having been involved in ISO9001 and DVSA Earned Recognition auditing, he can provide guidance and / or onsite support to help you achieve what you need.

Moreover, we can assist you with any aspect of FORS approval; Will's a FORS Practitioner and understands what's required more than most!

Importantly, he shares our desire for a different approach to engaging people who work in professional road transport. Using the 4 pillars of #easyfleetr (high quality, low cost, shared responsibility and driver focus) we can now develop more of what you want, with less of what you don't need!

To find out how Will and #easyfleetr can help you change the way you communicate with your team, contact us today!



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