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The green light for immersive council training

Updated: Feb 29

People sometimes ask me why immersive learning is better than eLearning, conventional classroom training or practical training. The answer is, it's not. It's simply a different way to deliver information.

The real question is, why is it so effective...

Immersive learning, done well, delivers on the learning objectives. It creates a memorable experience during & after the lesson or session, improving knowledge recall & encouraging the practical application of what's been learnt.

The way it's delivered is important. Immersive learning can be many things; gamification & simulators, live action role play, audio books, podcasts & of course, virtual reality & augmented reality.

But the technology must suit the learning objectives. For example, an animated VR experience can be good for specific tasks or actions, but it's less effective when it comes to hazard perception in a general road-based scenario. It's why we use real 360 degree footage for VR & eye tracking scenarios in our training packages; the learner is more switched on to the experience, therefore the objective is achieved more effectively.

Eye tracking technology is a new approach when it comes to practical driving scenarios. The system not only records a driving situation but also analyses driver eye movements, offering critical insight into driver focus & attention patterns;

"This technology is not just about tracking where a driver looks. It's about understanding how to improve their concentration & reduce the errors, leading to a substantial improvement in road safety," said Ferenc Boroczky, founder & CEO of Another Set of Eyes (anet360). "Our programme marks a significant leap in driver training methodology, combining traditional learning with innovative technologies. The eye-tracking & immersive platform centralises data & simplifies analysis, making it more accessible & actionable".

Our unique collaboration with #anet360 allows us to create ground-up solutions using the most appropriate immersive tech based on the requirements. Rather than tech for tech's sake, we take time to understand the problem & work out the best solution using a blended learning approach.

Importantly, our courses seem to be relevant & appealing to a variety of stakeholders. It's why we're thrilled to be working with Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council to improve driving skills & reduce the number of accidents.

Our council programme combines 360 degree video, an interactive app, eye tracking & more to provide drivers with a panoramic, realistic driving simulation experience. Our approach will be designed to enhance situational awareness with decision-making skills in various driving scenarios, all within a safe, controlled environment & filmed locally so drivers connect with the environment.

By equipping council drivers with knowledge through innovation, Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council is leading the way on a commitment to road safety & continuous improvement in driver skills.

If you'd like to more about why we do what we do, plus how we can do it for you, contact me directly @


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