Simple, effective support to gain & maintain bronze, silver & gold accreditation 

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

We've been involved in FORS since 2008.

We offer written & practical support to help you on your journey with FORS accreditation!                                  


James Tillyer

Helped develop member toolkits

Created senior auditor structure 

Head of FORS Auditing 2010-2015

Wrote V4 of the FORS Standard

Contributed to V5 

Managed FORS Governance 2015 - 2020


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Fleet & driver support

Help to maintain compliance & operate to a high standard

We provide you with a qualified Transport Manager Consultant who can oversee legal compliance, safety standards & corporate responsibility

Options to suit you, without the expense of employing a full time member of staff

Having a transport manager, whether you have to or not, gives you assurance & piece of mind. Our service is  designed for smaller fleets & offers you a convenient solution


With Easyfleetr you get support in person, online & over the phone when you need it. What's more, our qualified Transport Manager has access to the full range of products designed to help maintain standards 

  • Licence entitlement & communicating with the Traffic Commissioners' Office

  • Driving standards & maintain load security 

  • Cause & effect of speeding

  • Compliance with the Working Time Directive 

  • Compliance with Drivers Hours' Regulations

  • Tachograph analysis

  • Periodic maintenance inspection schedules (PMI's)

  • Vehicle defect reporting

  • Driving licence checks 

  • Daily walkaround inspections

  • Toolbox talks / Driver CPC training

  • Supporting driver debriefs 

Transport Manager Service

We recommend a minimum number of hours to satisfy the Traffic Commissioners' expectations 

  • 1-2 vehicles  = up to 4 hours a week

  • 3-5 vehicles = 4-8 hours a week 

  • 6-10 vehicles = 8-12 hours a week

  • 11-14 vehicles = 12-20 hours a week 

White Minibuses

Van & Minibus

£22 per hour + vat

£79 + vat monthly retainer

£0.55p per mile 

Truck and Warehouse

Restricted goods o'licence

£29 per hour + vat

£99 + vat monthly retainer

£0.55p per mile 

Truck and Warehouse

Standard goods o'licence

£39 per hour + vat

£119 + vat monthly retainer

£0.55p per mile