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The philosophy behind Easyfleetr...

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Welcome to Easyfleetr!

As a consultant working in the road transport sector I know there are companies and sole traders out there who want help to raise and maintain operating standards, but they simply can’t afford traditional consultant support or expertise.

There are also companies without a fundamental approach to dealing with risk, with numerous gaps in systems and knowledge that could be easily filled with just a little independent support.

Yes, there are consultants out there who already provide ready-made fleet management products, but it seems that the content rambles on a bit and often forgets to 'speak' to the end user in any meaningful way.

Because of this I created the Easyfleetr service, and the principle behind it is simple; a hassle-free way of buying information in the form of policies, procedures, risk assessments, books, toolbox talks and driver training, with the emphasis firmly on the driver.

No unnecessary words or fluff to justify the expense or detailed instruction that sometimes deflates the driver. Just a philosophy of shared responsibility, clear information and helpful guidance.

We're up and running with the service, but there are just a handful of products available at the moment. That's because we develop each product from scratch, so it takes a little time. Shortly we'll be offering a series of interactive webinars, starting with a couple of sessions explaining how to achieve FORS accreditation and how to properly engage with drivers.

There are some points to note about our products;

• It's about collaboration. What the company commits to do and what the driver commits to do

• Customers can modify every aspect of their product, offering total flexibility

• They're not sector or industry specific; all fleet operators can use the content

• We provide support by phone, email or social media

• We can create bespoke products without the typical high development cost (just give us a week or so!)

We review our products once a year to ensure that they remain fit for purpose, and we believe they should be accessible without barriers; it’s why we don’t require customers to register for an account, enter a password or any of the other faff that usually gets in the way of progress!

We hope that by providing this service, fleet operators can introduce or modify their current working practices to introduce more consistency, a safer working environment and better collaboration between managers, office workers and drivers.

Ultimately, we want to help raise safety standards in the fleet industry.

If you have any ideas for new products then give us a call!

Enjoy your evening / weekend / holiday,

All the best,




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